Collection: 2 Day Beginners Training in Advanced Individual & Hybrid Eyelash Application.

 When attending a Kalon Lash Artistry course you can assure you will be attending THE best comprehensive training program, priding our lash training on 1:1 hands on training, in-depth book work, and most importantly marketing yourself/brand setting our students up for total success during and after our program.

As the found and owner of Kalon Lash Artistry I am a T.D.L.R Licensed Educator certifying & coaching over 1000+ lash artist around the world becoming the #1 Eyelash Academy producing more lash professionals than any other training program in all of Texas. We are here to help fast track your career to becoming a world class lash artist (all while avoiding millions of mistakes along the way). We’ve helped so many lash artist reach a level of success as a Master Lash Artist ad now its your turn. 

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