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Kalon Lash Artistry

400 Pre-MadeVolume Fans

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Our Oversized Pre-Made Volume trays are here to take your work to the next level! 
(.07 D curl Mix tray 9mm-16mm, 400 Pre-made fans) service up to a minimum of 3-4 full sets. 

Who are these for? For lash artist: 
1) Who want to give your clients a beautiful full volume set. 

2) For advanced lash artists that want to be able to offer a “express” service by cutting your time in half. 

3) Want to provide a more darker, consistent, symmetrical voluminous set.

4) Your back-up fans in case of an emergency, whether you drop your volume tweezers or in a time crunch.

5) Beginning lash artist who are still perfecting hand made volume fans.

6) For clients who neglect proper aftercare. These fans will consistently stay open and perfect symmetric even with dirt, make up residue, and excess oil.