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Kalon Lash Artistry

Smart Volume D curl .03 Mega Volume

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The KLA Smart Volume lashes have been specifically created to fan out when picked up with volume tweezers to cut your work time in half! Smart Volume lashes are the perfect fit for lash artist who want to be able to up charge your sets by 2-3 times providing mega voluminous lashes to their clients. The Smart Volume lashes give you the ability to customize a lash look that you just can’t get from pre-mades, because each volume fan can be created to have most perfect symmetrical and consistent fans EVER!

for narrow fans

  •  Slide your tweezers into a small portion of lashes (.05 mm)  and pick them up off the strip just above the tape strip. Then place directly on the natural lash after dipping the base in adhesive.

For wide fans

  • Pick up the the amount of lashes (1-1.5 mm) and place it back on the strip, using the tip of tweezers glide right over the base with the most gentle touch to create the PERFECT SYMMETRICAL fan.
  • Slide your tweezers into the portion of the lashes (.1-1.5 mm) and use the shimmy method slightly back and forth, side to side in your tweezer before picking them up off the strip.